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Choosing a Tampa Wedding Photographer

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Questions to ask your wedding photographer

There are a lot of wedding photographers in Tampa Bay and it can be hard to find the right one. Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding photographer, let’s look at a few questions you need to ask.

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Business questions for your wedding photographer

tampa wedding photography 1Are you insured?
It seems like everyone is claiming to be a wedding photographer these days because they think all it takes is a camera and weekends free.

They’re wrong about that.

Make sure your photographer is a professional and that starts with insurance. God forbid there should be some sort of accident that involves your wedding photographer because if he doesn’t have insurance, you will get sued.

Do you carry backup equipment?
There are no do-overs on your wedding day and camera’s break all the time, especially in the heat and sand environment of the Tampa Bay Beaches. Make sure your wedding photographer carries backups for every major piece of equipment. That’s camera, lenses and flash.

Are you a full-time pro?
Personally, I always feel more comfortable when I hire someone if I know that this job isn’t a hobby or way to make extra cash. A person who’s reputation is responsable for feeding his family has more incentive to do a good job than the guy who goes back to his “real job” on Monday. Plus, it takes about 40 hours to prepare wedding images after the wedding and you don’t want that work being done 2 hours at a time nights and weekends.

Will you be photographing my wedding?
Believe it or not, there are actually some photographers who will interview with you and then send someone else to shoot the wedding

How long before I get my images/album?
This goes back to the “full-time” issue. You don’t want a photographer who will deliver your images a year after the wedding.

Artistic questions for your wedding photographer

tampa wedding photography 2Are you a flash photographer or available light photographer?
Flash photographers use camera flash and off-camera flash to create suitable light where there is none. Available light photographers rarely use flash at all and concentrate on using the light that is already in the room.

Which one should you choose?

Well, it’s really a matter of personal choice but I believe in getting the best of both worlds. A great Tampa wedding photographer should be able to shoot with available light when warranted and create stunning portraits with flash as well. Beware the photographer who seems to only feature pictures that were taken outdoors. Churches are dark. Reception halls are dark. Make sure your Tampa wedding photographer knows how to create beautiful images in these spaces.

Are you skilled in Photoshop?
Nowadays, photography is about 70% skill with the camera and 30% skill with Photoshop. Make your Tampa wedding photographer show you before and after photographs so that you know he has the skill to make your images stand out.

Product questions for your wedding photographer

tampa wedding photography 3What products do you offer?
Even if you don’t think you want anything, make sure your photographer offers plenty of products. I can’t tell you how many times I have clients book me for their wedding and say, “We just want the images on a CD.” Then, after the wedding they come back and order a custom album, framed print or custom “thank-you’ cards. I think a lot of people fail to realize how important and special their wedding pictures are until the weddings over and the pictures are all that remains.

Who designs your albums?
The best person to design your wedding album and tell the story of your day is someone who was actually at your wedding. I design all my wedding albums.

Do I have a voice in the album design?
Make sure that you get to be involved with the design of your wedding album. Your album will be passed down from generation to generation and it should be exactly what you want it to be.

Who should you choose to photograph your Tampa Wedding?

Well, naturally I would like you to choose me! But no matter who you pick to photograph the biggest day in your life, you’re better prepared after reading this guide. Now you can meet a potential photographer with confidence that you’ll get the quality and service you deserve.

I’m a Tampa Wedding Photographer. Here’s my website. Take a look at my work and if you like what you see, call me at (813) 728-7110 or email me at booray@boorayperry.com. We’ll schedule a consultation and you can ask all the questions you want! :)

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